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Urban Dictionary: petshop boys
Homosexuals who use animal movements (such as the riggling of gerbils) to excite their anus. "Ben Wolsey is such a pet shop boy". buy petshop boys mugs & .

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Urban Dictionary: pet
In BDSM, usually describes a sub who wants to take orders from a master or mistress. A Master/pet relationship generally a more affectionate or lov...

Urban Dictionary: pet store
Just recently I posted the following note very low on my refrigerator door. "Dear Dogs and Cats: The dishes with the paw prints are yours and conta...

Urban Dictionary: pet shop boy
Someone who gains sexual gratification from inserting small animals (e.g. hamsters) up their anus.

Urban Dictionary: littlest pet shop
A very terrible game from Hasbro. Everyone thinks it's cute and awseome, but believe me, that stuff is crap!!!!! It also copies neopets which sucks too. They are .

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Urban Dictionary: shop dog
The art of rubbing one out, masturbating, having a pull in the shower. The heated shower water creates an eerie mist (steam) hence creating a perfect .

Urban Dictionary: dog
1. dog. Not a cat. Gotta love Blackadder. "Definition of a dog: Not a cat" = Baldrick , Blackadder III (British comedy). buy dog mugs & shirts. by Nuclear Spoon Sep .

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Urban Dictionary: pet star
An infamous chain of pet stores. They've reached . Every Star-Bucks coffee shop has at least five Shit-Ass Pet Fuckers surrounding them. Shit-Ass Pet Fuckers .

Urban Dictionary: pet shop boys
New Wave group originating in the early 80's and continuing on to present day that consists of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. These men are amazing, their .

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Urban Dictionary: Pet Shop Boys t-shirts, mugs and magnets
word of the day dictionary thesaurus names media store add edit blog. custom products word of the day products top products shopping cart .

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Urban Dictionary: pet shop
A girl that's slept around a lot, also known as a slapper..

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Urban Dictionary: animal
Animal. Term used by janitors to call people who have pooped on urinals, . 2. animal. A person who is : 1, very sexy 2, wild in bed 3, quite hairy and lives in the .

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Urban Dictionary: Petshopping
word of the day dictionary thesaurus names media store add edit blog . pet shop boy · Petshop Boy · pet shop boys · petshop boys; Petshopping; PetShopShop .

Urban Dictionary: pets
Hamsters, parakeets, mice, little turtles from the pet store, and the more common fish for fishbowls rather than large tanks - like goldfish, mollies, etc. - are all .

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Urban Dictionary: hair of the dog
An alcoholic beverage consumed as a hangover rememdy. The phrase comes from the expression "hair of the dog that bit you", meaning that the best cu...

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