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can you transfer mortgage someone else

Can You Transfer a Mortgage?
Again, someone has to qualify for the loan with acceptable credit and income . Talk with your lender to see if you can transfer the mortgage to anybody else, .

Determine how much many you can make investing in properties.

Can I Transfer my Deed to my Son?
The easy answer is yes you can transfer the title to your home to your son . By transferring the title of the property does not transfer any mortgage to your . Q. Can I use a quitclaim deed to transfer a portion of my property to someone else?

Why Loans Are Sold -
Mortgages are like anything else, if you can transfer ownership someone will begin selling and somebody will begin buying. Why There Is A Secondary Market .

Protect Yourself from Real Estate Fraud
happens and how you can protect yourself against it. There are . criminal could fraudulently discharge your current mortgage, transfer the title, secure a . someone else, you might be a target for title fraud because in these circumstances .

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What you should know about transferring a mortgage
May 11, 2012 . A mortgage transfer on the surface seems like a very good idea and in . know if you have a mortgage that can be passed to someone else?

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan Disclosure - The Provident Bank
If you sell or transfer your home to someone else without The Provident . The mortgage documents provide for a number of events which can result in the .

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How to Take Over Someone Else's Mortgage Legally - Budgeting ...
It is possible to take over someone else's mortgage legally by either assuming the loan . The existing mortgage type will determine if you can legally assume it. . which means that the balance of the mortgage may be transferred to the buyer.

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Can you transfer car finance to someone else? -
Jul 13, 2012 . Can you transfer car finance to someone else? . sold our home and would like to get another mortgage but have hit a bit of a brick wall.

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Escape Foreclosure--Transfer Your Home Mortgage Loan
Sep 2, 2010. you may consider transferring your mortgage loan to someone else. . This allows you to walk away from a home loan you can no longer .

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How to Transfer Mortgage Ownership |
Transferring the ownership of a property and transferring the mortgage debt is a huge difference. If you wish to put the mortgage debt in someone else's name, .

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Can You Transfer a Deed to Someone Else If You Have the Property ...
Can You Transfer a Deed to Someone Else If You Have the Property . You deed property to someone else, knowing it is subject to an outstanding mortgage.

Can you transfer a mortgage to someone else? - Yahoo! Answers
Nov 23, 2006 . Can you transfer a mortgage to someone else? Ok, the thing is that I'd like a relative of mine to take over a mortgage I have on a property.

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Registering land or property : Directgov - Home and community
Most people use a solicitor or conveyancer to do this, but you can do it yourself. . Your mortgage provider might insist that you use a professional. . in your name if you have taken over the ownership from someone else (for example, you've inherited a property). This is . How to transfer ownership/register land or property .

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